There’s still hope for the Valencian Country

A couple of weeks ago, the 22th of May, the valencian people voted in the elections to choose our government for the next four years. The result of the elections has two main headlines. In one hand the Popular Party of Francisco Camps, wich was recently indicted for alleged corruption,  has revalidated their majority in the Valencian Parliament. In the other hand, the new Compromís coalition, based on the ideas of valencianism, ecologism and progressist social values, has been the surprise in this elections, with 6 representatives in the Valencian Parliament.

Photo: Wikipedia

There’s still hope for the Valencian Country. Althought the elections gives one more term to a government wich has corrupted the institutions, and is involved in many litigations with the justice, day by day there’s more people who think that a new way of doing politics is necessary in the Valencian Country. The alternative of the regional Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) in our lands, has been absolutly defeated, and they have shown that they are in the same game of bipartidism that has brought to this land, corruption, bad economic management, and a dificult situation for the valencian culture and language.

Nowadays, we are known around the globe, for hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix or the America’s Cup, but at the same time the unemployement is growing, especially amoung young people, and right now is around 24% of the active population.

The public system of education and healthcare is in a bad situation, with a progressive privatization, and our level of public debt grow day by day. The catalan language in Valencia, as it’s called here “valencian”, is loosing speakers due to the lack of promotion by the Valencian Government. The lastest proposal of the valencian education department, is in order to reduce costs, eliminate the possibility of studying fully in valencian language, with the excuse of introducing multilinguism. Nevertheless, most of the pedagogical studies, have shown that the sistem known as “linguistic immersion”, in wich the main language is the local (valencian, galician, basque…), and foreign languages (spanish, english, french…) are introduced in a progressive way, is the best system to stimulate students multilingual habilities.

We want a new Valencian Country with a powerful economy, based on productive economy, and not in great events. We want a new Valencian Country, in wich keeping our culture and  language, won’t be any obstacle to progress in a globalized and multilingual world (as I am doing writing this article).

Sorry if the text has any gramatical mistakes, but it’s my first article in English.


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